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SDIF Format Uses


(what SDIF was designed to do)

  • Store sound representation for analysis/resynthesis such as fundamental frequency, FFT frames, sinusoidal partials, transient markers, PSOLA, phase-vocoder frames
  • Store audio features, a.k.a. sound descriptors
  • Store and transmit multi-channel/multi-source spatialisation control and sound data


(what we didn't think of using SDIF for, but which falls in the same framework -- think of the S standing for signal)

  • store gesture data (see GDIF)
  • store motion capture and sensor data, together with audio data, e.g. in the project


(what SDIF can easily handle)

  • persistency: store program configuration and intermediate data in AudioSculpt
  • statistical model data (classes, gaussian parameters)
  • sound and descriptor databases for corpus-based synthesis

Examples for Using the SDIF Tools

Examples for Programming SDIF