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The Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF) is an established standard for the well-defined and extensible interchange of a variety of sound descriptions including spectral, sinusoidal, time-domain, and higher-level models. SDIF consists of a basic data format framework and an extensible set of standard sound descriptions. The SDIF standard has been created in collaboration by Ircam, CNMAT, and MTG-UPF.


- Main SDIF site
- SDIF Articles and publications
- SDIF FAQ user driven documentation
- Mailing lists:

  • sdif @ (for users) usage, discussion, announcements
  • sdif-devel (for developers) discussions about developing the SDIF libary and tools
  • sdif-cvs (for developers) CVS-logs of changes to the code base (HINT: subscribe with your sourceforge member e-mail)

SDIF Sound Description Types

- Standard SDIF Description Types
- CNMAT's specification of basic frame and matrix types
- SDIF Type Grafitti Wall: Leave a tag here of what types you defined for your own application, maybe someone else needs the same thing and it could become a standard.


- Libraries
- Download:

- Sdif Tools
- Applications: Programs and Languages with SDIF support